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As a side track to all the ostinatos I will be taking a look in to working with odd time signatures

How to deal with changing meters

What is this chart all about???
see below


How to deal with changing meters.

Ok I feel the big problem with changing meters is how do i count it!.
What maybe great for counting one time eg 5/4,maybe no use at all for 5/8 or 5/16.
The trick I feel to play changing meter is to find a common count,
a count that is useable for all the times involved.

So ,,,say your in 4/4,,,1.....2.....3......4...... so on.
then in to 1 bar of 5/8. 1 2 3 4 5.....
normal counting will have you jumping in to double speed count and back,not very smooth.
Some players count it as 12,123,but i feel this has the same problems,
eg 4/4 could be/ 12,12,12,12 or 123,12,123?.
See what i mean!

Back to the 4/4,if there is a bar of sexy 5/8 coming up, ill count the 4/4 in 8th's...as 12345678,12345678,....

so when the 5/8 comes up its already counting 8th's
eg ,,,12345678,12345678,12345,12345678,,,,,,ok

so what about 5/16??
How do i make that an 8th count

This is what i call jump to one counting.
5/16 is nearly 6/16 or 3/8(123456,..or..1.2.3.)
but one 16th short...

So we cut one off!!!

This is then counted,
Notice how,the 3 and 1 are now together,
to get the feel for this evenly count but miss the "&" after 3;
FIRST 1,&,2,&,3,&(Then replace the last "&" by counting "1")to become ( 1&2&31&2&31...so on)
This method also works great to count in 5/8..7/8,etc.

For high speed 16th bars
you may still have to use the 12,123,system,but see what works for you.
ok my times up,
im off

Various counting systems....the 3rd from the left on top row also counted as (1 & 2 &a 1 & 2 &a )